Gmail Facts and Tips

Many online users have their own Google and Gmail accounts. Is there any difference between the two? A Gmail account refers to a free Google Account with an email address ending in From the Gmail mailbox, online users can access Google Calendar, Google Docs, and Google Sites. A Gmail account allows you to login into various Google applications such as Blogger, Map, and Picasa. A Google Account refers to a username and password that can be used in logging into Google applications like Search Maps, Sites, and Docs. Even if you don’t have a Gmail Account, you can still create a Google Account using any other email system such as those ending in “”, “” or “”,

When managing your Gmail Account, it is a relatively easy process involving changing your name, removing dots from your email, changing your email address, changing or resetting your password, clearing Google Drive space and increasing storage. Changing your name on your Gmail Account is relatively easy following these steps: login to your Gmail account, click ‘settings’ on the page’s top right corner; click the ‘accounts’ and ‘import’ or ‘accounts’ tab; click ‘edit info’ in the ‘send email as’ section; add the name you want to be shown on your messages; and click ‘save changes’ at the page’s bottom part. If you want to change your Gmail Account’s email address, you have to sign up for a new address and once you are signed up, you can transfer your contacts and emails from your old address to the new one. If you want to change or reset your password for security purposes, you can do so by signing into your ‘My Account’;,choose ‘signing into Google’ under the ‘sign-in & security’, then choose ‘Password’, sign in again if you see a prompt to sign in, and enter your new password and choose ‘Change Password’. In order to reset your password, you be asked to answer some questions you have set up when you created your account to recover your account and an email will be sent to you.

Experience great convenience enjoying different Google Applications, products, and services by setting up your own Google and Gmail accounts. To better manage your Google and Gmail accounts, feel free to visit Google Help for more details. Allow us to share helpful tips and tricks in managing your Google and Gmail accounts by visiting our website or homepage now. Now, you just found a buddy in the digital world!

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