How Moshe Kantor Has Contributed to Society

Viatcheslav Moshe Kantor is an international public personality who comes from Russia and has interests in business, peace efforts and philanthropy as well. His life begun in 1953 in Russia where he was born and educated. He obtained his undergraduate degree from the Moscow Institute of Aviation in the year 1976. Moshe also went on to obtain his Ph.D. from the same institution. His family consists of him his wife and five children. His family resides in London, England. The following are some of his key contributions to society.

Charity Programs
Moshe Kantor has contributed significantly to charitable organizations around the world. He has been involved in the promotion of the welfare of people suffering from mental illnesses, especially children. He has been involved in launching and taking part in the establishment of social facilities in Russia. His philanthropy has also been seen in his donation to programs intended for the improvement of the Jews’ life and promotion of their nationhood.

Involvement in Peace and Reconciliation Efforts
Moshe is mostly known for his efforts to promote peace, tolerance and reconciliation in the world, especially in Europe. He has even formed an organization that brings together former leaders of European nations, world renown personalities in different fields as well as Nobel peace prize winners in an endeavour to encourage peace. The organization plays the role of discouraging racial intolerance, anti-Semitism as well as religious and ideological extremism. They also take part in efforts to eliminate or reduce nuclear weapons production by engaging in disarmament programs. The organization boasts of some of the best scientists and experts on nuclear science in the world who work tirelessly to promote nuclear security. Moshe’s organization talks to world leaders about the need to take seriously the threat of nuclear war and thereby work towards removing nuclear capability from the hands of those deemed as dangerous people.

Contribution to Art and History Preservation
A museum in Moscow that works to preserve the art of the Russian people in the 20th century was founded by Moshe back in 2001. The museum features a collection of art pieces from Russian artists between the years of 1890 and 1930. The result has been the preservation of the Russian history for the same period.

Promotion of Jewish Interests
Through his efforts the welfare of the people of Jewish race has been promoted through the European Jewish council. The institution plays the role of supporting Jewish interests in Europe, fighting anti-Semitism and also promoting Jewish pride. This organization also organizes the commemoration of the Holocaust that claimed the lives of countless Jewish people. Through this commemorations, Moshe hopes that the world will not forget the tragic events of that war and, consequently, prevent them from ever happening again.

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