The perfect hourglass figure may seem nearly impossible to achieve, as even regular exercise and diet often leave a person with a smaller physique but do not create the voluptuous curves that women desire. Rather than wasting time on ineffective methods or supplements, consider trying a waist training regiment that utilizes a corset. Individuals report seeing a difference in their waste in as little as seven days, and while the results are temporary, regularly wearing a corset will retain the results for many years to come.

Health Check

One of the worst mistakes most people make when starting a waist-trimming regiment is failing to make sure that they are healthy enough for the process. Individuals with insulin-dependent diabetes, breathing difficulties, and some kidney and liver conditions should be under medical supervision while training. A medical examination ensures a person receives the best results and isn’t risking their health during the training phase.

Choosing a Corset

The first step is choosing the proper corset, which includes selecting the appropriate size and model. A 3-hook corset is suggested, as they provide an extended coverage area and combat the problems associated with extra belly fat. Some individuals choose to utilize a corset that is equipped with a butt lifter that is designed to reduce fatty areas in the lower portion of the body, as well as provide adequate coverage for individuals that have a longer torso.

Wearing the Waist Trainer

Wearing a corset is a safe way to get the perfect hourglass figure, but precautions should be taken to reduce the chance of injury. On the first day, the device should not be worn for more than 2 hours, and any physical activity that requires exertion should be avoided. The length of time the corset is worn should be increased each day minimally until the device is comfortable to wear for a maximum of 10 hours every day.

Obtaining the perfect figure may seem complicated, but a corset makes it simple. The Corset Center offers a vast selection of corsets for any body size and provides a complete waist trimming guide to get anyone started on the right foot. Visit to learn more and get the perfect body in as little as a few weeks.