Would it be an advantage to get a report on the genetic makeup of one’s body. This report would list weakness and things genes can tell about mental health, heart conditions, cancer risk, and much more. Some people want to know, others would rather live their lives the best they can without worrying about their genetic code. Other people worry that once the genetic test results are out, employers and others can use the information against them. Everyone agrees that being able to study the body’s genetic code is a step forward in science.

Using Genetic Testing For Medical Reasons

A person’s genetics affect every part of their body including the enzymes the body produces and how the body metabolizes medications. By studying a person’s genetic profile doctor’s can make better medication decisions when they are ill. Other aspects of personal genetic medicine look very promising. This information can help in prescribing psychiatric medications and determining the correct dosages.

Companies such as Pathway Genomic have perfected generic studies and offer their expertise to the public in different health and wellbeing products. Genetic testing can be targetted to certain health issues such as Hereditary cancer risk tests, cardiac DNA testing, Skin condition testing, testing to see what pain medications are likely to work best, They can tell by genetic testing if there are allergins to avoid. Genetic testing can determine which diseases a person is more susceptible to.

Why Have Genetics Tested?

Once a person has the genetic test results from Pathway Genomic, they can make use of the information to get better-targeted healthcare and to improve their lives. There are also corporations who will ask their employees to have genetic testing to determine corporate wellness issues. This is not an idea that everyone is comfortable about. But, it is likely to become more common in the near future.

Some people will be tested before they start the process of bearing children. This testing can flag genetic conditions that may be possible in the baby. Deciding whether to become pregnant or not can hinge on this testing if there is a history of birth defects in a family. For more information, go to the website.