Aging causes hormonal shifts for both genders. In males, this means a decline in the production of testosterone. Reduced levels of this male hormone cause a decrease in muscle mass, a lack of drive and more fatigue. If the levels drop too far or decrease too quickly it may even lead to depression. To counter this natural slump many men seek out safe and effective supplements like Tongkat Ali root extract.

Traditional Natural Product

Tongkat Ali is a flowering plant that grows wild in the Malaysian rainforests and is often referred to as Malaysian ginseng. This herb was used for many years by homeopathic healers, most commonly as a boost for the male libido. The herb is now so widely appreciated in the health and medical industry it is expected to be one of the most developed herbal crops in the future.

Proven Male Booster

Formal research studies of the root of the plant proved it to be effective for boosting libido. In the study, it helped to raise the testosterone levels in the majority of the subjects taking the supplement in the study. The herbal supplement does not produce testosterone but helps the body to speed up its natural production of the hormone.

Beneficial Health Product

As the supplement helps the body to increase testosterone production the individual regains their stamina and libido. Many see their depression and mood swings lessen or disappear and they are able to increase their muscle mass easier. Bodybuilders also use Tongkat Ali to help them achieve their goals without increasing their workout efforts. Some people also have discovered that the root helps them to feel less stress and anxiety.

The benefits of this natural supplement are usually noticeable within a few weeks of continued use. Most men will need to take a higher dosage to raise or stabilize their testosterone level and then taper off to a lower dose to maintain the optimum level. Some side effects that include irritability and insomnia are possible when people begin taking the supplement. It may be necessary to lower the initial dosage and increase the amount taken until the body is used to the supplement.